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The Kiss- A Poem of the Sun
It's a strange feeling I get
pushing on the pedals, not trying for speed or skill,
just breathing in the air as I slowly ride
toward the slowly sinking orb, done with its daily duties
and tired from the effort
A piano lightly plays in my head
as I pass tiny houses with mysterious lives inside
Who lives here?
What are they like?
What do they think
of the thousands of loud, smart-mouthed, over-dressed white people
who keep this town alive?
This strange feeling
is familiar to me
and never, not once
have I been able to name it
compare it
break it down, analyze it
put it into words
but as I think about it
I get something not unlike this feeling
during a kiss
The soft touch of lips
not quite long enough to know
that it happened
and wasn't simply a flash of the imagination
a dream
a desire
Yes, this is a similar feeling
it is Reality, and Dream
I live with my computer
whole worlds at my fingertips
yet when I step outside, and ride,
the reality is too much
The reality seems unreal
:iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 2 0
Willam Beckett by rosesnthorns65 Willam Beckett :iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 1 0
She sings
headphones in her ears
a cane by her side
but she's young
her voice carries
she sings
arms wrapped about her
She rocks
as if to shake off
her eyes to the ground
I don't know what she sees
a past horror?
a current hurt?
a future harm?
I don't know
Does she sing to keep them away?
a sword of crystal
coupled with her shield-
a thick sweater
Or is it medicine?
her singing a daily dose
her sweater, a hospital blanket
She is pale glass
trapped in herself
but from deep within
She sings
:iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 0 0
my great Fear
is getting a call
and a voice, Useless
to express the pain-
god's Curse?  no.
the right Knows nothing
of the hurt
i will someday have
for the friend who couldn't escape
:iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 0 0
all i want is For you
to be happy in your
own skin
Underneath is a heart
which beats- Can you
hear it?
but you would pretend
it's not there-
cut it out with a Knife
and forget it
:iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 0 2
Silence Me
Go ahead
Make trouble for us
Because we're not
going out of our way
to make anything
for you
but a statement-
Listen to your hate
Listen to the lies it tells
Listen for the truths
Listen for what we're saying
to the silence...
from fear
Fear of pain
Fear of death
Fear of laughter
It's all fear
:iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 0 0
'On With the Show' dress by rosesnthorns65 'On With the Show' dress :iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 0 2 Paperbag Skirt by rosesnthorns65 Paperbag Skirt :iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 0 0 Magenta III: Summer Skin by rosesnthorns65
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Magenta III: Summer Skin :iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 0 6
Magenta II: Leaves of Grass by rosesnthorns65
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Magenta II: Leaves of Grass :iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 4 10
Magenta I: Refuge by rosesnthorns65
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Magenta I: Refuge :iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 0 0
La Ventana by rosesnthorns65 La Ventana :iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 0 0
How Their Daddy Died
Tell them how their daddy died
Only God in Heaven knows
One poor chap
Frozen in the mud
A perfect plague
A perfect, silly and unnecessary plague
It would make you laugh
I don't suppose
You do get much amusement
In the land of the living
Blatant, ignorant
The Boche drop shells promiscuously
Entirely out of touch
Curse them
Just smoked a cigarette
The kindest deed in my life
Such a wonderful change in a man
A perfect plague
Frozen in the mud
One poor chap
You, the last vision on earth
Tell them how their daddy died
:iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 0 3
In My Eyes
Look me in the eyes
And know me:
In almost every way
I am just like you
I breathe like you
I walk like you
I speak the same language as you
I curse, I laugh, I cry
My tears are just like yours
Look me in the eyes
And know me:
You silence me
I want to share a word-
A Word-
With you, and you say
It Doesn't Matter.
Do you not understand?
Look me in the eyes
And know me:
A Word is not worth
its weight in gold
You lose nothing
By sharing it with me
But when you keep it to yourself
That says that I am different
in so deep a way
that I can't even share a language
with you
Regardez-moi dans les yeux,
Et connaissez-moi:
Je suis tout comme vous
Mon coeur bat
Mes yeux voient
Mon cerveau pense
Mais à vous,
Je ne peux pas avoir
Un mot
:iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 1 0
Flower Child by rosesnthorns65 Flower Child :iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 5 0 Predator I by rosesnthorns65 Predator I :iconrosesnthorns65:rosesnthorns65 1 3


Perspective by DiscoverySoul Perspective :icondiscoverysoul:DiscoverySoul 2 0 Cubee - TARDIS by CyberDrone Cubee - TARDIS :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 4,211 360 Vlad Dracul's Daughter by ValentinaKallias Vlad Dracul's Daughter :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 8,288 0 Spirit by IMustBeDead Spirit :iconimustbedead:IMustBeDead 7,131 1,964 The War on Pink by paramoreSUCKS The War on Pink :iconparamoresucks:paramoreSUCKS 2,877 398
I like gorgeous, tall guys
and beautiful, petite girls
Hair slicked back
or in tight curls
Muscle shirts
Short skirts
Strong arms
Long legs
Toned abs
Lean torso
Flat chests
Soft breasts
Low chuckles
Sweet giggles
Deep stares
Soft glances
I can see the beauty in both
It doesn't matter to me
Just be yourself
And everyone is happy
:iconpleasurelypainful:PleasurelyPainful 587 396
I am stuck in a body I do not want. I wish to change. I hate to look in the mirror everyday seeing a shape I was forced into.  
I hate:
These breasts
This flat chest
This empty air between my legs
This unnecessary stick hanging down
This too long hair no matter what I do
This hair that always seems too short
These stupid skirts I want to burn
These too baggy jeans I'm forced into
Being a female
Being a male
I want to walk down the streets and feel free.
Feel at ease.
The way I'm supposed to be.
I want to feel normal.
Is that so wrong?
:iconpleasurelypainful:PleasurelyPainful 696 522
Washed Ashore by Eldereyes Washed Ashore :iconeldereyes:Eldereyes 1,028 153 Bonjour, l'automne by WildRainOfIceAndFire Bonjour, l'automne :iconwildrainoficeandfire:WildRainOfIceAndFire 1,927 301 For You.. by Lady-Tori For You.. :iconlady-tori:Lady-Tori 10,980 568
Ladies and gentleman...
We have the honor of presenting...
:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Steampunkism :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:
What is Steampunkism?
It's a fussion between Steampunk and Impressionism. The perfect and unique combination of both elements is what we want from you! :heart:
:bulletpurple: Steampunk: "Steampunk is a sub-genre of fantasy and speculative fiction that came into prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s. The term denotes works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century, and often set in Victorian era England—but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions like those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or real technological developments like the computer occurring at an earlier date. Other examples of steampunk contain alternate history-style presentations of "the p
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The guy who is taking out his own self-hatred on me and others.

The guy who refuses to admit that God made him for another man.

The guy who thinks that he can judge my "lifestyle" based on one aspect of who I am.

...screw you.

Go get help.

And I mean real help.

Not a church that will only teach you to hate who you are.

Talk to me.

I'm religious.  And I'm queer.

Yep, I've kissed a girl.

And you know what?  That was one of the happiest moments of my life.

This is my lifestyle:

I scramble an egg for breakfast.

I sing to myself.

I sweep witch hazel across my face on a daily basis.

I dance to myself.

I regularly go to bed around 11:30 PM.

I think to myself.

Who I love has nothing to do with that.

So get help.

And until you do that...

Screw you.

And God help you.

(Note: These are my raw, unadulterated feelings.  I have pity for this guy, as well, but I find his attitude toward me- having never met me- ridiculous.)
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United States
Hold a baby. Speak French. Love loudly. Live lovely. And quit taking life so seriously! No one gets out alive.

I love theatre, I love sewing, I love my friends, I love God.

I'm a Christian humanist/universalist/theistic evolutionist. To my friends, this all means that I'm a Unitarian.

I am the definition of Fag Hag, and I'm insane about gay rights.

I'll probably scare you with what I say/how I act/how I dress, but usually, you'll grow to love me and my eccentricities.


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